Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sad News - Angel Food Ministries has Ceased

Thanks to a diligent friend (thanks Bridget) who just checked out the site, I was informed that Angel Food Ministries has ceased their program.  The discounted monthly food deliveries to host sites can no longer function and all September orders have been refunded.  Below is the statement on the Angel Food Network site:  

Angel Food Ministries has considered many options regarding our future. At this time we regret to inform you that we have not found a solution that will allow Angel Food Ministries to continue to distribute food on a monthly basis and have decided to cease operations. We realize the pressure that this places on our host sites, community food banks and customers.

However, there is a group of former employees and food vendors that are working to find a better way of serving those who have come to depend on Angel Food.

Unfortunately many if not all other food ministries have gone out of business in recent years. Angel Food has not been immune from the same economic and market conditions that led to the loss of other food ministries. It’s important to note that in the past we never relied on donations; less than 1% of annual revenues have come from donations. We are grateful that we have been able to help tens of millions of customers save hundreds of millions of dollars in food costs. We also are grateful to have been able to return about $24 million to our church host sites and other partner organizations.

With the help of our volunteer staff 98 percent of the thousands of customers who placed an order for September have already received a full refund. We continue to work with the USDA to credit the remaining 59 customers who used their SNAP benefits to place a September order. Federal regulations prohibit us from simply sending them a check for a full refund.

The USDA/SNAP officials have been very helpful in seeing to it that these refunds are taking place in an orderly fashion. Those who placed orders through their local host sites will need to contact that site directly for a full refund.

We are comforted by the thousands of comments we have received expressing support for Angel Food Ministries and the great need to continue helping those in need. We at Angel Food Ministries are truly heartbroken to have to cease operations but it has not compromised our faith in God or our commitment to helping those in need.
Please check this website often for the latest information. Thank you for your prayers, faithfulness and your commitment to Angel Food Ministries over these past 17 years.

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