Monday, December 31, 2012

Birthday Freebies

Sign up ahead of time for a variety of different meals on your birthday.

OK, here are a couple more for steak:

Outback Steakhouse also has a program you can sign up for at this link.
BREAKFAST at Denny's - Denny's Reward Club click here to sign up for their reward's program.  They'll even let you add four children to get special deals in your email box.
IHOP International House of Pancakes gives you two free meals (under $8.00).  One on your birthday and one on the first anniversary of when you signed up with their IHOP Reward's club.  This program also lets you sign up a spouse and a couple of kids.
Japanese food anyone?  For a special treat, enjoy a free $30 gift certificate on your birthday at Benihana.  You must register ahead of time and there is also a kids club called Kabuki.
Free meal at Famous Dave's BBQ.  Join the P.I.G club here.
Free dish at Noodles & Company.
Free stir fry meal at BD's Mongolian BBQ  Go MONGO!
Free something at Red Lobster.  You must sign up at least a week before your birthday.
Time for dessert!  Free ice cream on your birthday at Baskin' Robbins (aka 31 Flavors).  You also get a BOGO coupon when you sign up!
How about DQ?  That's Dairy Queen to the rest of y'all.  Free Blizzard on your birthday, BOGO when you sign up (24 hours until you get the email coupon).
Logan's Roadhouse - Nut-E Club when you sign up you'll get a $5.00 off $20.  There is also a bonus on your birthday - I think it may be a dessert.

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