Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Italian Films in the USA

While I was at the Detroit Film Club recently to see the Oscar Nominated Short Films, I saw an advertisement for upcoming free full-length Italian Films in Metro-Detroit.  It turns out, the Italian Film Festival will be touring the US this spring.

Memphis:  March 28-April 2
Detroit:  April 3-28 (The Main in RO, WSU, Oakland U, UofM, Henry Ford Community College, and the DFT =Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA)
Cleveland:  April 16-30
Denver:  April 22-May 2
Indianapolis: TBA
St. Louis:  TBA
Columbia:  TBA
Pittsburgh:  TBA
Chicago:  TBA
Kansas City:
Milwaukee:  April 26-28

Films include:  
Escort in Love
It Was the Son
Even If It Is Love, You Don't See It
One More Day
The Entrepreneur
The Human Cargo

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