Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yoga is good for the body and the mind.  Several yoga studios offer FREE YOGA classes.  Often, the first class is free, so you can determine if the studio is the right fit for you.  Check out your local studio to find out.
Also, there are several studios that offer free classes weekly or for a small donation for whatever you can afford.  These classes are often crowded, so arrive early, roll out your mat, and breathe.  

For those of you who would like to try yoga, but don't own a mat, that's ok.  Every studio I've been to has a small (or large) stack of mats you can use for the hour.  Most will ask for you to spray and wipe down your mat when you finish.  Keep it clean, kiddos.

Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak offers a donation class on Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm (check schedule to determine which Saturdays) and the first class is free.

EveryDay Yoga in Clawson offers $5 Thursday class, and has the philosophy that you will donate what you can or pay the suggested normal package.  "Donation classes are shaped to honor the sacred art of giving so that yoga can be affordable to all.  We believe in the law of Karma: give to receive."

Yoga Buffs is a Meetup Group that offers a FREE yoga class on Thursday afternoons at Irene's Myomassology Institute.  Join their Meetup group to get the time and location. 

If you would rather do yoga in the privacy of your own home, check out a video or two from your local library for free.  Or there are many websites with free yoga workouts that offer a variety of levels.  



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