Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Art Events in the D

Hello everyone! 
There's always something to do in Detroit and often free or cheap stuff.  So, here are some ideas for this weekend and a few links for you so you can track free stuff too!

MOCAD Events 
Saturday, November 12th at 8PM
The Ann Arbor Film Festival and MOCAD present
Shadowbox Cinema III
Admission: Free

The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) and MOCAD present Shadowbox Cinema III, an annual showcase for new indie shorts from local, national, and international filmmakers. This short film festival is an original program curated by the AAFF and MOCAD which features amazing, hand-selected works submitted to the AAFF that did not fit into the festival's format. The films in Shadowbox Cinema span the cinematic spectrum, from animation and documentary to narrative and experimental, from light and irreverent to poignant and thoughtful. MOCAD is very excited to present this wonderful program for a third year.

DIA Ford Free Sunday (11-13-11)
James Duffy Collection (modern & contemporary art)
Detroit Revealed photography exhibit
Drawing in the Galleries
Printmaking workshop
Family Performance:  Native American Dance, Song & Stories

DCCP Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
The DCCP is located in the Russell Industrial Center.  In the front of building #2 (the one with the lion mural).  Take I-75 to the Clay exit - enter behind the Russell via Clay Street)

"360" is a collaborative project bridging public spaces around the world. Each video is one minute long, panning 360 degrees through one view of public space. The videos are edited together and overlapped into one composition. Artists in Bosnia, Finland, Peru, Indonesia and the United States shot the videos during the same two week period in July. When first exhibited at the Duplex Gallery in Sarajevo the composition changed daily as new footage was added. The piece will be shown concurrently at the Transformer gallery in Washington DC

The following video artists collaborated on this project:
Mike Dax Iacovone
Billy Friebele
Kethryn Zazenski
Al Ghorie
Bruce Feldman

Opening reception:
November 12th, 6:00- 9:00

Artist talk and discussion forum:
November 13th, 4:00- 6:00

Public Pool Opening - UnDress: Re Dress
3309 Caniff, Hamtramck
Undress: RE Dress - Opening on Saturday Nov 12 from 7-10

We’ll go out on a limb and guess you're wearing clothes right now, but we can’t be sure. 

In any case, you’ve most likely worn clothes in the very recent past. Most times we just zip it up and get on with our day. Not today.

Public Pool has asked nine artists –– sculptors, painters, knitters, fashion designers, and the like –– to take a deeper look. To examine our relationship to our clothes…or maybe even your clothes. 

We use clothes as a billboard, identity constructor or costume. We use them to turn ourselves into walking sculptors, business people, swimmers, provocateurs, bikers and more. Any way you slice it, clothes do much more than cover our bodies, if they manage to do that.

So, come see what the artists think. The results might make you wonder how something so simple, can really be pretty complicated. Or it just might make you feel naked. Either way it’s worth a trip.

And if you come to the opening night, it’s special, so please put dimes in your penny loafers.

UN-Dress:RE-Dress opens with a party November 12, 7-10 p.m. Refreshments provided courtesy of Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant. The exhibition runs through December 17. Public Pool is open Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m.

Participating Artists Include
• Lisa Anne Auerbach
• Olayami Dabls
• Jessica Frelinghuysen
• Anne Harrington Hughes
• Sarah Lapinski
• Mark Newport
• Lauren Rassel
• Cristin Richard 
• Sarah Wagner 


Cranbrook Art Museum will reopen to the general public on Friday, November 11, from 9pm – Midnight.

During the first 10 days following the Grand Reopening (Saturday, November 12 through Monday, November 21) the museum will be open daily from 10am - 9pm, and until 11pm on Saturday, November 13; Friday, November 18; and Saturday, November 19.
A special 11-day membership will be available for the Grand Reopening, November 11 through Monday, November 21, which will provide unlimited admission to the exhibition and all programs for just $11.

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