Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Food for Kids & Free Flu Shots

Today, I found a link to frugal living - check it out!  It's awesome!!!

Here is a link to a huge list of restaurants that offer freebies for kids.  PLEASE call your local restaurant to verify the offer at their location before packing the kids in the car.  They are listed by the day of the week the freebies or specials are offered. Some are not local to the metro-Detroit area, but keep them in mind when you travel or pass it on to friends/family who live in other areas of the states too.  (I would really appreciate some more followers).

Oh, and via the same website, I found a list of locations you can get a free flu shot if you don't have health insurance.  Check out the list of participating clinics where you can obtain your free flu shot voucher.

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