Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to School Deals in July Cheap Office Supplies

Two days ago I bought two reams of paper from Staples for $5.00 each.  This week, if I go before Wednesday (and they don't run out), a ream of paper is 25 cents!  Therefore, this blog post to remind us to shop NOW!

Having taught elementary school for 15 years, I found lots of good deals.  One of my favorites is back to school shopping for office supplies.  The trick is to know when to shop.  DO NOT WAIT until the first day of school when your child brings home the list of stuff the teacher recommends for the school year.  This stuff does not spoil.  Buy it all!  If you don't need it this year, you may need it next year.  Find a space in the closet, basement, or wherever to store it.  Remember, you will need to replenish the school supplies at the semester break.  And not too many kids are excited about getting a glue stick for a holiday present.  

Why JULY?  Why not wait until Labor Day when the sales are starting?  Well, that's the problem.  The sales started!  Most parents around here don't realize that there are 1 cent sales going on now!  When I was interviewing for elementary teaching jobs in AZ, one of the districts started teaching in mid-July!  So, don't wait until you get the list, buy it now.  Yes, some teachers will prefer glue sticks to bottles, or prefer crayons, and not markers for grades K-3, but kids can color at home too.  They will need those markers and poster boards for science fair projects in the spring.  I'm just saying.

Where to shop?  Where to find the best deals?  Well, check the  Sunday paper's flyers.  But, if you no longer get those, check out these sites online to find the local weekly ad.  Oh, and sign up for the rewards program...especially if you are a teacher.  Teacher Appreciation Days at the office supply stores often happen in early August (free stuff, coffee, pastries, and prizes).  

If you can, pick up an extra ream of paper or some white board markers for your child's teacher.  Budget cuts make it tough to get everything we need in our classrooms.  Click on the Weekly Ad on the right side, near the top. 
1 cent deals Sunday-Wednesday, July 13th: pencil top erasers, pack of Bic pens, school glue (liquid)
25 cent REBATE deals Sunday-Wednesday, July 13th: ream of paper, pencil case, poly-folders, 5 Bic mechanical pencils 
$1 deals: 5 pack of Sharpies, 50 pack of (8x10) photo paper, safety scissors, paper clips, fun shaped Post It notes
AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST PAGE!!!!  click on the Weekly Ad on the right side of the page, near the top.  
Buy two, get one free for Sharpies, Expo White Board Markers, and binder dividers. Click on the Weekly ad on the left side of the page, near the top.
I couldn't view the ad today.

Walmart Weekly Ad page (or go to home page, find the blue words near the's the second tab)
Didn't find any great deals this week for office supplies.

Target Weekly Ad page (or find it on the top of the home page, on the far right)  
20cent glue sticks two packs
$1.00 two pack of Sharpie markers

SHOP NOW!  And pick up something extra for your child's classroom.  Some ideas: extra copy paper (some schools limit how much they provide...teachers often need it for newsletters, homework packets, and well, just writing!), good pencils - Ticonderoga pencils are the best...they don't break in the sharpener and have a really good eraser, post it notes, markers - Expos white board markers work best and erase clean.   

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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