Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Live Below the Line

Thanks to Cool People Care, I found out about an international movement to help bring awareness to the plight of poverty.  This project started in Australia in 2010.  From the Live Below the Line (US) website: 


For 5 days in May, participants in Live Below the Line will be challenged to eat only as much per day as can be purchased for $1.50. Participants will fundraise for the Global Poverty Project and its charity partners. They will raise awareness about the issue of extreme poverty and encourage others to join the cause. They will form teams or do the challenge as individuals - but they will do so in concert with thousands of other people across 3 continents. They will be a voice for change.
They will make a difference.
For official challenge rules, tips, how-to guides, fundraising incentives, and more, click on the appropriate links to the left.
An printable overview of the challenge can be found here.
Thank you for your interest in Live Below the Line!

Live Below the Line Australia
Live Below the Line UK
Live Below the Line United States

So, whether or not you choose to raise funds for this organization, can you live on $1.50/day?

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