Monday, May 2, 2011

Hungry for Food?

OK, so this economy sucks!  So many people I know have fallen on hard times, have difficulty paying bills on time and I just hear of someone who got a phone call from the collection agency telling her to stop buying so much food and pay her mortgage!  I mean WTH?  Food, shelter, clothing, and love our our basic needs.  So, when you can't fulfill your basic needs, who do you turn to?  Of course, family, friends, but what if that's not enough?  

The United Way!  Check out the Southeastern Michigan United Way link here to find help with finding  community services, employment, food and meal help (including food banks), health cares, housing, legal services, transportation, utilities, and much more.  
You can also call 211 on your phone to talk with someone who can help you (through The United Way).

But will I qualify for food stamps?  Check out this link to the Food Assistance Program (FAP) on the Michigan.Gov site to find out if you are eligible. FYI, you will want to have your current income information from the past three months and may need to go back six months.  Also, have your utility bills handy, along with what you have paid in the past 3-6 months.  If you are up to date on all your bills and pay everything on time, that's great for you and your credit score, but may not get you help if you need assistance with paying your utility bills.  

Oh, I almost forgot!  I just found out that you can DOUBLE UP FOOD BUCKS to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmer markets! 

Participating Markets

Good Luck!  PASS IT ON!

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