Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Support from Hyster Sisters

Hello Men!  
Yes, this pertains to you also.  There is support on Hyster Sisters for you too!  If your wife, girlfriend, mother, significant other, or daughter is scheduled for a hysterectomy or has had one recently, you can learn more on the MisterSister forum page here and what you can do to support your dear loved one.

Hello Women!
So much information here for free.  So much information that you will learn, share, and appreciate, that you may want to make a donation! 

Support for those about to get a hysterectomy, those who are post-op, those with a hysterversary, support for friends, family - everyone!   Manage menopause, discuss sexuality concerns, get fit, BE ENCOURAGED!

Learn more about your options and GIVE ME A SECOND! (I can't find the code to insert the video here...but take 3 minutes to go to the Give Me a Second website and see the video please...and watch it...there is a special message to be seen!)

Again, here is the link for hysterectomy support on Hyster Sisters.  Pass it on!  

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