Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arts & Scraps

Art & Scraps

Want some art projects for cheap?  Got kids?  Got grandkids?  Got nieces and nephews?  Got students?  This is a great find for those crafty people in the Detroit area.


Teachers, you can ask them to bring the ScrapMobile to your school and teach your kids how to make an art project.   Or you can go there.  
Great for birthday parties as well as educational outings. 
Shop for your craft supplies:  paper, cardboard, fabric, recyclable materials, sand, art supplies...REALLY?  cool!  I'm going!

Store Hours:Tues, Thurs 11-6   Sat 11-4

Phone: 313-640-4411
Fax: 313-640-4422

Address: 161 35 Harper, Detroit, MI 48224 

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